Becoming a Media Safety Advisor – What You need to Know | Ken Perry

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The Circuit Podcast – Ep 36

How would you feel about always running towards the danger? If you thought telling a UHNW Principal ‘no’ was hard, try working with journalists. 

We are honoured to welcome Ken Perry, Founder, Cosain Consultancy to the Circuit Magazine Podcast to explore:

  • How could you leave your EP ‘hat’ at the door when protecting media?
  • What facilitation and medical skills are essential to work with correspondents and teams in hot zones?
  • Is media protection only something you should consider if you have an SF background?
  • How can you prevent your media team from becoming collateral damage?
  • What pre-preparation can media protectors do given their very short stand-by notice?
  • Why should a protector want to work with journalists and media as a career?

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