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Since launching our cosain247 monitoring service for freelancers working in Ukraine, we have given support to those that need it most. We understand that freelance journalists often have few resources, and we are now bridging that gap. Our unique service cannot be found anywhere else on the market. We offer our freelance clients the following:

*24-7 Monitoring via our app
*Briefings from our #mediasafetyadvisors strategically located across Ukraine
*Advice on routes and locations
*Crisis Management if needed
*On-the-spot medical advice
*Medical evacuation if required
*Regular welfare checks
*Logistical support
*Risk Assessments
*Ground truth
*Pre-deployment briefings


Our service gives freelance journalists peace of mind knowing we have their back. Testimonials from some of our clients:

“I used Cosain’s monitoring app when I was on an assignment in eastern Ukraine. It was a relief to know that someone knew exactly where I was with my team and could have helped us in an emergency. Luckily we didn’t need the panic button. Their team is spread across the country and provides safety advice, risk assessment and a constantly updated assessment of the situation on the ground. For such a dangerous undertaking this is indispensable.”
Andrea – Freelance Journalist.

“Working in the Donbas region of Ukraine as a freelancer provides unique challenges regarding security that many larger news outlets fail to understand. Our work often faces the reality of little to no support networks or monitoring services while working in more dangerous regions. My last trip to the Donbas region had multiple instances where security help from Cosain 24-7 provided much-needed support to the team. Experiencing a broken down vehicle in Lysychansk, bad information about location and sickness only serves to highlight the need for freelancer support networks. Cosain 24-7 is a wonderful asset for freelance work across Ukraine and ideally across the globe where it is needed”
Madeleine Kelly – Freelance Journalist

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