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Media Safety Advisor Training (MSAT)

 The Cosain Media Safety Advisors course represents a pioneering initiative, meticulously crafted by Ken Perry, the Managing Director and Founder of Cosain Consultancy. Ken brings over 15 years of invaluable experience, gained from working with some of the world’s foremost International News Networks, covering a spectrum of high-stress environments including wars, major conflicts, natural disasters, riots, and demonstrations.

Since its launch in March 2022, the course has positioned Cosain as the global leader, boasting the largest pool of Media Safety Advisors. Its significance is underscored by the fact that even major networks send their ‘in-house’ permanent staff to participate in the course. Moreover, the course was thoughtfully designed to bridge the knowledge gap for security professionals entering the media security industry, offering them a critical first step.

This comprehensive course spans a two day period, encompassing eight essential modules:

  1. Introduction to Working with Media
  2. Planning and Self-Sufficiency
  3. Vehicle and Travel Safety
  4. Personal Security
  5. Working in Riots and Demonstrations
  6. Press and Accountability
  7. Working with Military & Security Forces
  8. Kidnap and Ransom
  9. Breaking into the Media Industry

Beyond the core curriculum, the course enriches the learning experience by featuring guest speakers from the realm of journalism, offering insights from their unique perspectives on what defines a successful Media Safety Advisor. Additionally, all course participants gain access to Cosain’s exclusive network of security professionals and have the opportunity to apply for forthcoming positions within the industry. At the end of day two there will be a social networking event

MSAT Testimonials

“5 stars ***** excellent course with Ken’s experience and humour makes for a enjoyable but learning environment. Throughout the course Ken gave numerous stories which were totally engaging and regularly gave outbursts of course laughter, and now feel better equipped to go forward with the knowledge on how to engage with Media Teams and Foreign Desks in high risk areas or backwatch anywhere around the world to ultimately keep the Media Team safe to complete there editorial goals. Highly recommended for anyone considering this unique and niche pathway into Media Advisory deployments”

Simon W

“Today was the last day of the “media safety/security advisor training” in GB. I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to work as a media safety advisor or simply to develop their skills.

The instructor (Ken/Kenneth) who is extremely experienced provide us such good advice, both technical and operational on different topics like Kidnap and ransom, travel risks assessment, hotel risks assessment and many others. I cannot forget to mention all the real experiences that Ken mentioned to us when he was deployed in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Africa … Thank you to all the Cosain consultancy team and also to all the participants” 

M. Martinez

“Well having just finished the Cosain Consultancy Media safety advisors course I highly recommend anyone thinking about working with the media go and attend one of Ken Perry’s courses, he has a vast amount of knowledge in the area.

It gives you a massive insight into what to expect and what is expected of you and how you need to look at things from a totally different angle to a CP/hostile environment tasking.

I feel massively more prepared for any media roles now than I would have otherwise. Thanks, Ken.”

A. Chivers

“I recently attended Ken Perry’s media safety advisor course with Cosain Consultancy and what an informative and insightful course.

Not only providing the skills, etiquette, and standards of operating with the media. It gave a real-time intelligence picture of the situation on the ground in Ukraine. Thank you, Ken” 

A. H.

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