Ken Perry

Founder, Owner, and Managing Director of Cosain Consultancy

After gaining over 10 years of experience serving in the elite British Military unit, 1 Para, Ken has spent the last 17 years working in the private sector. Operating in diverse environments throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, Asia, the USA, and Latin America. His Intensive experience and involvement in supporting clients and businesses has allowed him to understand nuances in many cultures, especially in the Arabic world and Africa.

He has worked across the full spectrum of Industry sectors, Including International media, high ranking political and foreign royalty luminaries, NGOs, energy, and infrastructure providers as well as high-profile and ultra-high-net-worth clients.

His key skills highlight are developing cost effective high production  services, which Include crisis management, high risk consultancy and risk assessment, and logistical support. He has extensive training experience, honed both in the military and private sector.


Andrew Kain

Operational Business Advisor

Andrew joined the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) in 1979 after six years in 2nd BN Parachute Regiment. His operational experience includes taking part in the classic Special Forces Raid on Pebble Island during the Falklands campaign. As an Instructor in the SAS, he worked with Government and International Law Enforcement Agencies and achieved a good grounding in strategic security. He also served in Counter Revolutionary Warfare and other specialist departments.

Andrew formed AKE Ltd in 1991 as a specialist risk mitigation company, which became an international market leader. He personally designed and delivered the first commercial safety course to prepare journalists for operating in hostile environments in 1993. This type of training has since become mandatory for most major media. Andrew was involved in successfully enabling clients to operate more effectively in the most challenging environments. He pioneered new approaches to the successful management and resolution of crisis such as kidnapping.

Andrew left AKE in February 2015 to follow new challenges in the development of security projects and services. Andrew brings to Cosain Consultancy over 30+ years specialising in the support of International News Networks and High Risk Consultancy Operations.

Will Griffiths

Operations Manager & Media Safety Advisor

Will is a former NCO, in the Household Cavalry, Mounted and Armoured regiment.

Serving with the Regiment in Bosnia and Iraq. 

After Leaving the armed forces in 2005, Will moved into the Private security industry, working in Afghanistan, where he was the European Union Head of Missions Close Protection Team Leader. Since then, Will has worked internationally managing teams. 

Will, is now Cosains Operations Manager / Media Safety Advisor.

When not on a Media task himself, Will covers the operational side for Cosain globally, Monitoring the team’s daily activities, and ensuring the teams have 100% support 24 hours a day.  

Madeleine Kelly

Administration Manager

Madeleine Kelly is the COSAIN Administrative Manager. Originally from the United States, she has recently relocated to Ukraine to continue her career and assist Cosain logistics with on-the-ground management.

She has extensive experience with both administrative work and as a freelance conflict journalist. Her notable coverage includes the Hong Kong Extradition protests in 2019, the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, the 2021 January 6th Insurrection at the United States Capital, and most recently the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Paul Pinder

Lead Medical Instructor & Media Safety Advisor

Paul Pinder served in the UK armed forces, and has worked for the emergency services since 2001 both private and NHS. Following this Paul moved to working for the security industry in 2011 in the Middle East, working as a Tier 2 Medic, Trauma medic for oil exploration company and managing clinics services, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul also has experience with remote medicine in Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and the South Pacific.  His passions include not only medicine but also teaching, learning and experiencing new work environments. “

Annie Lewis

Marketing and Media Support

Annie is our Marketing Manager and Social Media expert at Cosain Consultancy. With years of experience, she keeps our social feeds, LinkedIn, and website consistently updated with our latest activities and news. Her dedication and expertise ensure we stay connected and informed,

Dawn Millyard

Intelligence Analyst

With 13 years of service, Dawn honed her skills in a Surveillance and Target Acquisition role within the British Army, mastering the art of gathering and analysing critical intelligence.
In 2009, Dawn transitioned to the private security sector, embarking on a dynamic career path that saw her tackling diverse roles. From covert surveillance alongside UK police forces to providing Executive Protection for Ultra High Net Worth individuals and their families.
Recently extending her expertise to operations room management for a prominent international media news outlet.
Currently, as Cosain’s Intelligence Analyst, Dawn utilises her extensive background to provide up-to-date and accurate intelligence in our rapidly evolving world. This role requires keen analytical skills, a comprehensive understanding of geopolitical dynamics, and the ability to assess and respond to emerging threats effectively.

Richard Harlow

Specialist Training Instructor

Richard (Rich) Harlow has over 30 years’ experience as a frontline cameraman who has worked with the worlds foremost News Networks. In that time, Rich has won Emmy, RTS and BAFTA awards covering exclusive stories in the worlds most challenging environments.
His invaluable experience brings value to Cosain Consultancy’s training team crucial for aiding Media Safety Advisors and frontline news teams in achieving their editorial objectives.

Our Unique Team 

Unrivalled in the industry on standby to deploy

Since March 2022 Cosain Consultancy has amassed over 200 fully trained media safety advisors from its unique and market-leading Media Safety Advisors Course 

This course was designed by managing director, and founder Ken Perry based on his 15-plus years experience of working with front-line media.

These safety advisors are strategically located across the globe and can be called upon at short notice to support any international news network covering breaking news stories as they unfold.