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With over 12 years providing media safety advisors and high-risk security consultants with in-country, trusted and vetted life support options, Cosain Consultancy is uniquely placed to offer a global network of security provision and threat mitigation.

From on-the-ground advisors to risk and threat assessments covering individual locations, travel itineraries and situational analysis, Cosain can call upon established and trusted associates around the globe to deliver the highest quality service and protection for individuals, organisations and news agencies.  Read on for more information about Cosain Consultancy involvement in Ukraine, Middle East and other tasks.

Cosain Consulting Ukraine

Cosain has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, with the beginning of the full scale invasion in 2022 we have deployed multiple security teams working with international media outlets and private businesses. In better service to our clients, our team has opened a full-time Ukraine desk to help provide the most accurate and up to date information, ensuring they can meet their editorial goals and conduct business as safely as possible under even the most dangerous conditions.  

Cosain also provides logistical support offering vehicles including  armoured , and has a large team of in-country trusted and vetted staff who have been supporting all of our operations. Our teams continue to work in various regions of the country including, but not limited to Kyiv, Lviv, Kramatorsk, Chasiv Yar, Zaporzhizhia and Dnipro. The Cosain team has also safely evacuated those who became trapped in dangerous areas due to the ongoing heavy fighting and shelling, exfiltrating them out of Ukraine and bringing them to neighbouring countries.  

We currently have a presence in multiple locations around Ukraine, keeping up with the ever-changing security landscape. Cosain prides itself on being able to provide not only security and safety but multiple assets to support all forms of business. Our dedication to safety goes further with Cosain 24/7, a safety network for freelance journalists. Cosain 24/7 is our monitoring service, made for freelancers who often work with less resources than larger media companies. We provide experienced advisors, evacuation options, logistical support, risk assessments and bespoke training based on the latest events in Ukraine

Cosain Consulting Middle EAst

 As breaking news continues throughout the globe, Cosain Consultancy has provided extensive operations in the Middle East including Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, the West Bank and more. Following the events of October 7th and the preceding war between Israel and Hamas, Cosain has maintained a continuous presence in the area supporting international media teams in their coverage. Our international logistic desks also continually work to provide logistical and informational support to all teams deployed in the region. 

Cosain also works to provide support for teams not only working in active conflict zones, but also those navigating regions affected by natural disasters. Following the large-scale earthquake in Turkey and Northern Syria, in early 2023, Cosain rapidly deployed meeting clients’ needs at short notice.  

Founder and CEO of Cosain, Ken Perry, began his work in the industry working with various clients throughout the middle east in 2003. This provides Cosain with a unique and long term understanding of the inner workings in the region and various cultures. 

Cosain Consulting Other Tasks

In the past year the Cosain team has deployed various teams to breaking news events, world sporting championships, and other tasks as needed. Working in environments from the World Cup to coverage of the crisis in Haiti. Our team is filled with highly trained specialists with a wide range of backgrounds and skills. 


Cosain has over 200 trained security specialists across the globe, allowing us to select the correct advisor for the task, that can deploy within 30 minutes to support our clients needs. Our training program has revolutionised the industry, with various outlets making it a requirement for employees filling positions on their teams. 



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